Serving as the first public good of the Dotsama (Kusama/Polkadot) ecosystem, KodaDotopen in new window is an open source NFT marketplace currently running on the Kusama.networkopen in new window.

Our goal in developing KodaDot as a public good is to become a project where creators, developers, and community members get to contribute and collaborate to ultimately come to the decision that represents the majority. We thrive on becoming a non-exclusive, sustainable environment for contribute who decide to dedicate their time to us. In return, we'll give them bounty rewards as a token of appreciation.

We value inclusivity, collaboration, positive feedback, trust, and encourage tackling tasks that you're uncomfortable with. Here at KodaDot, you're expected to grow at a pace you're comfortable with. Are you a student who's looking to get some open-source contributions? Are you a parent looking to understand NFTs? Are you a developer looking to transition to web3? We have a place for all of you.

It's simple, KodaDot's development system was left intentionally open-source, inviting open contribuitions. There isn't "behind the scenes" footage when it comes to us, everyone has a say and a way to communicate their ideas to developers who'd rather work on them than create them.

Later in our journey, we aim to become more carbon neutral while contributing to the carbon negative gallery in an attempt to drive global forestation. For now, our efforts lie on a low carbon blockchain, the Kusama network, and partnered with Offsetraopen in new window, a project that supports us to compensate for our average annual emissions.