β€œA true artist is not one who is inspired, but one who inspires others.” - Dali

You have now an opportunity to join KodaDotopen in new window Ambassador Program for artists. Apply and get all the benefits we can offer. Become a part of our community. For now, in this first wave, we offer this role only to the 5 best artists!

Conditions πŸ”

  • Minimal number of followers on Twitter: 1000 +
  • Active on Twitter, regular posts with interacting followers (any other social media is a plus)
  • Interested in KodaDotopen in new window
  • Good art: we support every style, but if they have an exciting or unique style, it's a plus (same with anime art)
  • An exception may apply to very active individuals.

Benefits πŸ’°

  • Assisted onboarding (help with the minting process, covering minting fees)
  • Regular promotion of your new art on our social media (Twitter, Reddit, Instagram..)
  • Guaranteed participation in every physical NFT galleryopen in new window organized by us (If you physically attend our events - possibility to get some extra spotlight - live painting, other extra activities).
  • Spotlighting (Interview article about your art, possibility to participate in crowdcasts, youtube, and other visual content...)
  • Regular monthly financial reward (320 USD with a potential to grow)
  • Get our merchandiseopen in new window with discounts! (Shirts, stickers, hoodies..)
  • Discord: getting a higher role than "artist", automatically part of the art-design guild
  • Reddit: Flair β€œArt Ambassador” (for those who have it)
  • Referral program (get rewarded extra for bringing more artists on KodaDot)
  • Priority: learn about competitions, events, and bounties first. Get some NFTs from our airdrops.

Expectations πŸ“Š

  • Independent and proactive approach (without us reminding you what to do), but at the same time be a team player and don't hesitate to talk about KodaDot with others.
  • Minting NFTs on KodaDot - Deliver good art regularly.
  • Onboarding new artists - Make efforts to motivate other artists to join KodaDot
  • Posts about your art on KodaDot (or other related topics) on Twitter and other social media at least twice a week (adding "KodaDot" to your Twitter profile to show your support).
  • Active on our Discord (share your art, participate in discussions, drop "gm" once in a while).
  • Come up with your ideas to help KodaDot grow (airdrops, competitions). We will give your our support here if needed.
  • Give us honest feedback so we can improve and be better.
  • Most important: enjoy your time with KodaDot, help us grow, and enjoy that process with us. It's not about the work but about having fun, creating good art, and being part of our KodaDot team. And in exchange, we will always have your back.

Goals πŸ₯…

  • Connect your awesome art with KodaDot
  • Attract more artists to mint their art on KodaDot
  • Help us build relationships with the artistic community

To apply

Please fill out this formopen in new window.

After that, we will review your application and we will contact you. Filling out the form does not mean that you will be automatically hired. Even if you meet all the criteria, we have only a few spots, so the last decision will be on a team!

Do you have questions?

Contact the person responsible for artists relations